It is the greatest crisis that I lose my ticket on the road.

Since I got married to my husband, I started traveling frequently by plane...

Since I got married to my husband, I started traveling frequently by plane. We and our husband love watching baseball, there is a favorite team and we went to various stadiums throughout the country to watch the game of the team. Not only for watching baseball but also for fulfilling the dream of a couple ""I want to go to all the stadiums in Japan"" to fulfill. Of course, because it is a domestic trip, I have taken care of many times at Haneda airport. This year, I went to travel once to Fukuoka, once to Kobe, to Hokkaido three times by airplane. Now I am working with each other, and if I can have children, traveling is difficult, so I am doing various travels now. Right now, we look at the airline companies and cheap airline ticket sites on the net, compare prices, make net reservations at the cheapest place, issue tickets at the airline counter of Haneda Airport I am receiving it. When I was a student, I had a part-time job at Haneda Airport, but it was very impressive that people who were at airline counter always corresponded with a smile. Of course, even when traveling now, I always issue a ticket with a smile and send it out. Well, if you lose this ticket ... even thinking is horrible. We have time to ticket air tickets and actually board an airplane in order to go to the airport with comparative margin. In the meantime, I have tea with two people, I look around the merchandising store, I am watching an airplane taking off and departing, but of course I have a ticket in the meantime. As of now I have lost my experience ... but what if I lose it? Since I became interested, I checked it using the net, there are a few differences at each airline, but first the method of creating a ""lost delivery"" and purchasing an alternate ticket ... is common It seems like. When losing, it is important to notify the airline immediately, but why? The airline company investigates the ""usage situation"" of the lost ticket. In the airline ticket, the name and sex of the passenger to board is stated, but it is not a translation of a face picture, and moreover, there are many places of automatic ticket gate at the time of boarding recently. In other words, there is a possibility that a third party has used the lost ticket. If that is a story that is not an auspicious thing, if it is a terrorist trying to hijack .... Therefore, I thought that it might be necessary to create a ""lost report"" for checking the usage situation. Flight tickets, procedures are time consuming and time-consuming when lost. It is most important to manage properly until you board an airplane. Because it may be left as a little disgusting memories if the trip of the corner is also depressed at departure or going home.

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